Prof David Thurfjell

Prof David Thurfjell

Senior Academic

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Professor David Thurfjell is professor in the Study of religion at Södertörn university, Stockholm. His research deals, on the one hand, with historical Islam and Christianity and the implementation of texts and dogmatics in everyday life among contemporary Muslims and Christians, and, on the other, on the existential dimensions of nature contact and world view-related aspects of the environmental crisis.

Professor Thurfjell has published widely within these fields and he has been project leader and research fellow in a number of international research projects about them: including The relocation of transcendence, Religious ambiguities on the urban scene and Enchanted identities funded by Baltic Sea foundation; Enchanted ecologies funded by Danish research council; Negotiating knowledge: Muslims between competing worldviews, The Muslim majority funded by Swedish Research Council, and Muslims and secularity and Philosophy, Jurisprudence and Society funded by Riksbankens jubileumsfond.

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