Prof Aleš Črnič

Prof Aleš Črnič

Slovenia Principal Investigator

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Professor Aleš Črnič, Ph.D. in Social Sciences, is Professor of Religious Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences (University of Ljubljana). His scientific interest focuses mainly on religious pluralism, religious freedom, religion and public school, new religious and spiritual movements, and on social and cultural aspects of vegetarianism and veganism.

He published three books (in Slovenian): Religion and School in 2021, The Vibe of Aquarius – New Religious and Spiritual Movements in 2012, and In the Name of Krishna in 2005.

He was the initiator of Regional Religious Studies Network and has been its coordinator since its establishment in 2019. He used to be member of the Board, Secretary General and Vice-President of ISORECEA – International Study of Religion in Central and Eastern Europe Association. For 15 years he was president of the Slovenian Sociological Association Section for Sociology of Religion (which he initiated).

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