Recovira (Religious Communities in the Virtual Age) is an international research project that examines how the shape, role, and experience of religious life in Europe has been transformed by contemporary technology and digital culture. The pandemic forced many religious communities into new relationships with technology and the digital world, and Recovira investigates the what the effects of these changes will be going forward. Our research is based in seven countries around Europe (the UK, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Poland, Sweden, and Slovenia), and our case studies include religious communities of many different faiths, beliefs, and origins.

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While, historically, religious life has been something of a refuge from the digitalisation of European society, the COVID-19 pandemic changed that. The social restrictions imposed by the pandemic rapidly accelerated religious communities’ embrace of digital tools and structures in order to continue their essential social and psychological work during this crisis.

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Keeping the Masks on: Worship Services during and after COVID-19 in Japan

Keeping the Masks on: Worship Services during and after COVID-19 in Japan

Dunja Sharbat Dar


| English | Germany

Dunja Sharbat Dar, PhD candidate, Center for Religious Studies at Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany During the COVID-19 pandemic, Japanese Christians went digital as quickly as possible, following the example of many other religious groups all over the world. But Japanese Christians only went into a full lockdown for a few months, quickly wanting to reunite in […]

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